About Us

We are a family owned insurance business. We are currently licensed in Texas and New Jersey. We are located in the greater San Antonio, TX area.

Nate Strickland
Principal Agent


Nate started his career in the insurance and financial services industry in 2015 as a comprehensive financial planner. After gaining that experience he decided to get into the “family trade” and become an insurance specialist instead of a financial generalist. As a fourth generation funeral service and life insurance agent he seeks to be an advocate for the life insurance industry. As a Texas A&M graduate he supports Aggie Athletics and the Corps of Cadets. He enjoys spending time with his wife Mara and his sons Lucas, Patrick, and Simon. Nate also likes following Astros baseball.

Maranice Strickland
Most Awesome Person Ever

Maranice works full time in the mental health profession providing services to the San Antonio community. She also helps her husband Nate with marketing ideas and administration for Strickland Risk Advisors. She enjoys spending time with her husband Nate and her sons Lucas, Patrick, and Simon and supporting the New York Yankees.